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Application for Private 1:1 Coaching with Carolynne Alexander

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What is your name?

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In your own words, who are you? Not your elevator pitch, who you really are.

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What is your business? What is your service/product? Who do you do it for?

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What is calling you to level-up right now? What's the thing that's pushing you? What's your struggle? Where are you with your business right now? Loving it, hate it? Explain your pain points and have a rant.

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What do you know about yourself that you KNOW to be true on a deep level? Strengths, what are you drawn to naturally?

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What are you NOT doing? What are you scared of? Go deep here and get honest. Nothing is off the table when you work with me.

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What's your life like outside of your business? Good, bad, busy, overwhelming. Explain the constraints you have if any.

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What attracted you to me? What do you think I can help you with?

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Anything else you'd like to share?

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