28 things that make Female Entrepreneurs unique and how to use them to your advantage

entrepreneurship mindset Sep 26, 2020

  1. We must take more time out than men. We're living in a patriarchal society that praises the hustle, and as women, we're not cut out for that 24/7. We must take time out to be instead of do. 
  2. While we're taking time out, we're getting fueled up to make our most significant moves so thinking time isn't wasted—schedule self-care and rest into your week FIRST.
  3. We can weigh up different sides of the story. We can ensure everyone is considered. However, we get to still rely on our North Star, not being ruled by committee. 
  4. We feel guilty for taking up space. We forget that we get to own our voice, our space and our opinions. We must learn to take up space and disagree. 
  5. We can have a gut feeling that makes no logical sense, but it works out being the key thing that makes the difference. Listen to your gut feeling more, even if it doesn't make sense at first.
  6. We come with empathy built-in. It's our strength, so use it.
  7. We thrive in communities. Again, we're natural-born community builders so use that to your advantage too. Create communities around your business.
  8. We're able to talk things through and come to a consensus or a better plan after consulting our teams. Masterminding our moves helps us.
  9. We're still unicorns in business. There are only five female CEOs in the FTSE 100. We stand out, and that's a good thing. Use it to your advantage.
  10. We see our business as a personal mission. This is great because your emotions are powerful but don't allow your feelings to consume you. Know when to step back. 
  11. We're not great with boundaries. We love to help everyone, but we must know when to say no. We can go further, faster and with more impact when we focus on our perfect client.
  12. We're naturally more cautious in stepping out. We don't like standing out and being outside of the community. We need to work being a comfortable outsider as we're in business and businesses need to stand out from our competitors as the natural choice.
  13. KNOW YOUR CYCLE! Seriously! PMT is real, and it makes you feel more raw and sensitive. It is a great time to shed things that aren't working but don't allow it to make you want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. 
  14. We're all scared of being an imposter. Even more than men. Here's the thing, we're no less of a human than them, they're faking it. Get used to feeling like a fake and reimagine it as a signal that you're expanding your comfort zone.
  15. We're born worthy, but we forget how worthy we are. We're automatically put in second place to men by society. Don't allow that to tarnish you. Understand that business is business; money doesn't care about your gender. 
  16. We're far too modest in our abilities. Therefore, GET A COACH. They will see your genius in your blindspots. 
  17. We can feel what's good for us. I'm not just talking about intuition. This is where we must be primed to work instead of sitting down and doing the thing. We do get to push through resistance sometimes but if it feels heavy then maybe it's not in your zone of genius. Outsource your weaknesses. 
  18. We need our own space more than men. Much of the world isn't built for us, so we get to have our own space like a desk or and office that's made for us because we get to design and furnish it without compromise. Find a space that's yours.
  19. We love to be organised. We're naturally chaotic and go with the flow which can be detrimental to our businesses. We love being organised and colour between the lines because it makes us feel safe. Build robust systems around you and your business.
  20. We're incredible leaders—especially Mothers. We will fight and lead when we decide to step up fully. Look for opportunities to lead more.
  21. We have a lower tolerance to risk. We love having money in the bank before we begin our new ventures. Work on saving 10% of your income before paying for anything. 
  22. We find it hard to ask for things. We're taught self-reliance from an early age which is magnified by society. We know we can't do it alone, so start asking for small things and work up to the big stuff.
  23. We find it hard to receive. We're terrible at receiving simple things like complements let alone money. Get over money blocks with a money coach. 
  24. We need a team more than men. We need that community around us to fuel our business. Build a team as soon as possible.
  25. We also need a team because our natural energy is creation. We will crank out endless ideas. We're often disheartened because they don't come to fruition without the grunt work to get it into the hands of our customers. Same as above. Build a team as soon as possible.
  26. We say sorry more. We feel sorry for someone else's feelings or reactions because we're empathetic, but it's on THEM, not you. Quit saying sorry. 
  27. We looooove working in our zone of genius but we neglect the things that scale our business. Schedule time in every day/week to work ON your business not just IN your business. 
  28. We often run away from tech/systems/strategy because we prefer to be in creation mode. We get to understand that time spent on systems today will compound over time, and we'll ultimately have more time and freedom.



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