Goals vs systems and which will allow you to win bigger

Jan 15, 2020

Losers have goals, winners have systems - Scott Adams



How’re things going with you?

Straight into it today with no messing about. Let’s talk about daily rituals. 

In all my years of business (and in life), I’ve always been about systems. Yeah, yeah, systems, they’re boring. But for me, they’re soooo interesting.

How can I hack this to make it easier?

How can I hack this to make it faster, help more people, make more money?


We all want more ease and flow in our lives.




Once I’ve figured something out, and I’ve built the system, I don’t have to think about it again until I want to improve it.


Systems are what drives the world. Why reinvent the wheel when you already have a perfectly good one?


Well, here’s the thing. We can build systems or disrupt them.


Think about your day. You get up, and you jump in the shower, you grab a coffee and sit down at your laptop. That’s a system, and we do it without even thinking about it.


When we want to start new habits, we’re essentially disrupting the system. We’re adding or removing something which adds a cognitive load to our brains.


This is where we employ willpower. Willpower is the disrupter, and over time, we build that new habit or remove a habit from the system.


Where we go wrong is to rely on willpower all the time to brute force our habits. We’re causing an imbalance which causes us to wanna give up, right?


So, we build a system of rituals instead that works WITH our current system.


Ok, enough talk about systems. They’re super dull unless you’re me (or a nerd).


It’s what I’m here to do. Help you build systems in your business and life that make things easier so you can do your work in your zone of genius AND reclaim time back from your business.


I’ve put together a daily rituals toolbox especially for you. It builds into a system week by week, and this week, it’s meditation.


This is the cornerstone habit that, if you can do this every day, it magnifies your effectiveness as a human. Trust me; it saved my life on a mountain one time when I thought I was going to die!


Speak soon and let me know if you do


How to meditate properly busy for Entrepreneurs


Before we begin, I’d love to welcome you to NOW. Now is all we have. The present is where we have our power. From decision making to calling upon our soul, right now, here in time, is all we have.

And to ground you at this moment, I’d like to invite you to place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and take a breath in and out.


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If you want to know the story about how meditation saved me from falling off a mountain, you can check it out on Instagram.

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