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intuition strategy Dec 11, 2020

Dear Overwhelmed Entrepreneur, 

I ran a poll on IG last week and asked whether you relied on intuition, strategy or both when it came to making decisions in your business.

The results surprised me. 

Not one person said just strategy. 

A few chose just intuition.

And an overwhelming amount of people said both.

Say what?!

Running your business on intuition? Unheard of if you listen to the gurus.

Pick any business book on Amazon, and not one will mention running your business with intuition.

Now, I’m a strategy kind girl, but I know how vital gut feeling is.

After not being in touch with my gut feeling for so long because of illness, it’s slowly coming back.

And magically, things in my business are moving.


When we have no or little connection to our intuition, we make decisions that follow outside influence, aka strategies that the gurus tell us.

We set a goal; we break it down to smaller actions; we get on with it. 

If you’re a feminine energy kinda human, this is going to be challenging to do.

To maintain that stable, get shit done, do the thing (masculine) energy is damn impossible, even for anyone who has dominant masculine energy. 

We get all antsy; we have a sh!t-fit, we push against our to-do lists. It’s hell.

Trust me; I’ve been there. To box ourselves into a business where we’re only relying on strategy is awful. 

We get to bring intuition into our business when we take time away from our business.

“But you can’t do that!”

“Erm, yeah you can.”

As long as your thinking time is from your subconscious and not your conscious brain, it’s productive.

“Say what?”

Ok, here’s the science.

We think 95% of the same thoughts every day. The remaining 5% are new, innovative thoughts. 

Do we know when they’re new, do we write them down, do we take time to turn them into action?

Of course, we don’t because we’re too busy in “doing mode”.

Taking constructive time out to do intuition rituals is KEY to practice knowing what to do in your business. 

I’d love to be present every second of every day to catch these thoughts, but it’s a challenge.

So instead, I set time aside for my mind to wander and ask questions of myself.

Plus, I have a secret weapon to help me… The Intuition Deck. 

It’s still in development at the moment, and it will be released early 2021.

So, once a month, I run a full moon circle where you can tap into your intuition and get access to the answers you need in your business and life. 

This is perfect for beginners who are wanting to practice listening to their intuition and take action but don’t know where to start.

Plus, everything is taken care of so you don’t even have to do anything except turn up. It’s recorded too so you can fit it in around your schedule.

There’s a whole world of research and magic out there, but it’s far too overwhelming for beginners so I’ve packaged it up so you can begin your practice with me guiding you.

I’ve also made it super accessible because I want to offer this to as many people as possible.

We’re in such a crappy place right now, and the world needs innovative and independent thinkers. 

I genuinely believe the next game-changing technology is intuition. 


Welcome home, we’ve been waiting for you. 

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