Why Business Coaching is never about Business

entrepreneurship leadership mindset Sep 22, 2020


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Why Business Coaching is never about Business
Aka why I'm moving away from "Business Coaching".

(Also... Piano Man is outside Casa Miramar accompanying me this evening... same as last night.


Good evening. How's it going? Oh, I would show my face because you might have missed it. Give you a little insight to what I've been up to lately. So I went dark on social media last week to clear and I headspace and allow me to not be distracted but also not be on the social media treadmill that seems to get business owners. Quite flabbergasted. I've been talking to a couple of my I was gonna say companions, but that's not the right word. Um, colleagues, colleagues, can I have a colleague if I'm an entrepreneur anyway? Ah, friends in the industry, shall we say? And they've they're basically sick of social media. as well so I took some time away to reassess what I'm doing myself what I'm doing with my business, etc. And oh, by the way, I'm coming to you from my brand new apartment, castle Miramar. I've called it customer, even though I can't see the See here, but I can, we can pretend it's like two seconds. Um, anyway, the reason why I'm putting this video together is to explain just to give you a little bit of background to why I am stopping doing business coaching. And the main reason is, is because over the years that I've been doing business coaching, it has been full tap false advertising on my part. But it's been more about coming around to the idea that I'm a bit tired of entrepreneurs saying that they want strategy and tactics. When really, can we just cut through all of that bullshit and realize That actually it's all about mindset. course it's all about mindset. Um, people come to me when they're massively overwhelmed with their business. And it's normally because their, their prices are too low. They're taking on too many clients, they haven't got the systems in place, they haven't got a team blah, blah, blah. My ninja skill is strategy, especially operations. So I get them back on their feet and working again, which is fantastic. Um, but we after about four or five weeks of doing this, it all comes down to them having the confidence to decide what they want and go for it. Or for example, being ruthless with it's not about the best word. And maybe Rosa says the good word ruthless with their tasks, getting rid of things that they don't really need in the business being ruthless about their time and their energy and the people that they let into their space. about their boundaries. And business tends to be the place where your worst fears in the world are played out. So if you are afraid of being seen, you're in a business where you're going to be seen. That's difficult if you have confidence issues. You've got to have the confidence to have a business you will get found out. imposter syndrome. Another one any fear that you think you have is going to be amplified when you decide to show up for the for your business. I've got a whole bunch of friends who are entrepreneurs I'm very, very fortunate to see behind the scenes of what they do and how their minds work. Not only clients, clients are a different kettle of fish altogether because I have permission to call them out on their bullshit whereas friends are very much. “I don't know, I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine, I'm fine.” And then it actually takes me to be like, Can I have your permission to call you out? You're not fine. Can we? Can we have a chat about it? Would that be okay? So, it's never unsolicited advice with me. It's always Can I have your permission to call you out and you watch it? Um, so that's the main reason why I've stopped doing business coaching because people that are looking for business coaching tend to be the ones that think that they need more marketing or they need more leads or more sales, but they don't. They just need a kick up the backside from somebody that can hold space for them. And that is probably my other ninja skill. Holding space for people that are absolutely shit scared to admit. The one thing that they're incredibly frightened of one thing that they are incredibly ashamed of.

I'm extroverts who are secret introverts that put on a massive front and said that they're fine and they're doing all of the things but really they're dying inside. One of them that is coming up lately is do I actually have what it takes to take this to XML money? Only you get to decide that and only you get to decide if your mission is big enough. So again, it's about deciding that you are an entrepreneur, you have got a big enough mission that you will either go for or die and get in on with it. So that's, that's a quick six-minute video for you. explaining why I'm no longer doing business coaching. I'm going straight for mindset and successful coaching, performance, whatever it is that I'm going to call it. But know this, but if you're an entrepreneur, you have a business if you're a founder, if you're a CEO, If you're a leader, your weaknesses will be exposed during your time owning and running a business. And welcome. Welcome to the real world. Welcome to leadership. I would love to help you out. So stay tuned for a few more videos in the next couple of weeks all about fear, shame, confidence or lack of it. imposter syndrome not knowing where to start and being completely overwhelmed, things like that the juicy stuff, so let's just be honest with each other because I'm gonna be honest with you. And let's bypass the whole idea of any more marketing. I need more tactics, I need more strategy. I need a team bla bla bla bla bla just get down to the heart of it. You need somebody in your corner that's going to help you with your mindset for your business. I'd love to help set you in to find out what happens next. I'm Carolynne Alexander and I'm the founder of the advancement. There you go. That's me being open and vulnerable because they just go first. Ciao.


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