Reclaim your time and headspace back from your business.


Let me guess why you are here.

  • You're struggling to focus on one thing because there's so much to do.
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the hats you have to wear in your business.
  • You think that if you stop working, your business will fall apart.
  • Your to-do list keeps you awake at night because there's always more to do
  • You're not taking time out to recharge, and your relationships are suffering.

I'm guessing you didn't signup for your business to take over your life.

Your business was meant to give you freedom, but you're handcuffed to it.

Wouldn't you rather

  • Sit down each day to work; you know exactly what task to work on next AND you're in your zone of genius.
  • Your team are performing, creating the results you wanted AND are super happy to be working with you on your company mission.
  • Your business runs like clockwork, and the detail stuff is taken care of by people who LOVE dealing with spreadsheets. 

That's how a business is meant to be run.

After all, you're a CEO so let's start running your business like one.

It takes a mix of these three ingredients.

Building Bulletproof Systems

That work with you instead of stressing you out or making you feel like there's no flow and freedom in your business. 

Cultivating a CEO Mindset

The tiny tweaks that we can leverage to make the most significant difference in your work. We're about working smarter, not harder, and this is what it takes.

Embracing Leadership

Leading a team of superstars and driving change in the world using the one thing that businesses forget.

You need all three parts working in harmony to get your time back from your business. 

Together, we'll transform you from an Overwhelmed Entrepreneur into Thriving CEO so you can have more balance in your life by building a reliable team, developing strong leadership skills and creating bulletproof systems.


This gives you a self-study programme to work through at your own pace to apply the systems, strategy and mindset you need to escape out of your business.

PLUS you'll get access to the Weekly Co-working Hours where you can work on anything you wish. 

Once you buy the course, you have access to the programme forever.

Included in the course;

12-Week Self Study Course

For less than your latte and sandwich bill per week

  • 12 Weeks of Mindset Shifts, Implementation and System creation. 
  • Planning Worksheets - 90 days, Weekly Meetings.
  • Copy-and-Paste Processes - Onboarding Processes, Email Handling.
  • Easy to fill in Templates - Org Charts, Hiring templates, Standard Operating Procedures, Key Performance Indicators.
  • And much more. 

12-Week Group Mastermind

Less than a fancy meal for two per week

  • Masterminding with your fellow CEOs in our private group.
  • Get your questions answered by the Coaching Team.
  • Live Leadership and Mindset Coaching.
  • Weekly Accountability.
  • 90 Day Planning Workshop LIVE.


All the magic of the system and you work through it with a group of your peers. This option gives you the accountability and mastermind thinking you need to implement this programme.

Once you buy the course, you have access to the programme forever.

All the above plus;


Everything you need to accelerate your exit out of your business. Together, we troubleshoot your business together with private, 1:1 calls and direct access to me via Whatsapp. 

Once you buy the course, you have access to the programme forever.

All the above plus;

12-Weeks of Coaching

It's like having a COO in your business for 1/10 of the price.

  • Get private and personalised coaching for your business and your unique situation.
  • Figure out your next move and have the personal accountability to make it happen.
  • Coach you through tough times.

What we will work on

Design Your 90-Day Plan

Gain focus and clarity on your most essential tasks while cutting out or delegating the rest.

Revisit your Vision

We get clear on what success means for you in your business AND your life so that you can make the right decisions and focus on the right things.

Leverage Your Time and Energy

Create a schedule that works with your time, energy and mood so you can stay in your zone of genius.

Build Your Leadership Skills

Know how to communicate with your team and then step back to allow them to flourish. Hone into the strengths and weaknesses of your team to build a strong culture with co-operation. 

Create Culture and Build your Team

We'll outsource and automate your repetitive tasks to trusted teammates.

Bulletproof Your Systems

Develop robust workflows and document your vital processes, so it reduces stress, and everything runs like clockwork. 

Cultivate Your CEO Mindset

Thinking bigger and differently is the key to levelling up. We will work on banishing self-doubt, fear of being seen, self-worth, receiving help, imposter syndrome, enoughness and many more.

Who is Carolynne Alexander?

Systems Creation | Leadership Coaching | Mindset Mentoring | Online Business Management

Armed with a Masters in Business & Computing, Carolynne is a serial entrepreneur and lifelong learner with a curiosity for business strategy, human potential and success coaching.

"I've worked with Fortune 500 companies, education establishments and government organisations in management and operations, as well as starting multiple businesses starting at age of 22. My mission has always been centred around questions like how to release human potential and what does it take to build a multi-million-pound business?"

My obsession lies in supporting mission-driven humans to build and lead successful businesses of the future."

Better Humans -> Better Businesses -> Better World


COURSE - £555.55


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